Barbara’s Favorite Places


Rolf and Daughters

Located in the heard of Germantown, Rolf and Daughters serves some of the best food in Nashville! With an emphasis on rustic Italian dishes, Rolf and Daughters like to keep the dining fine and the atmosphere casual, making it the perfect place for a date night.

Mas Tacos

A hole in the wall taco shop, fantastically simple and wonderful. The owner, Teresa also has a food truck and both are great.

Studio Dakini/Marathon Fitness

Located in the 12South neighborhood, Marathon Fitness below and Studio Dakini above, these are both great places to get in shape.

Practical Massage

With 3 massage rooms in a serene environment, this is the best place for massage in town. Also located in 12South, they also offer Ayurveda healing.

Nashville Public Library

What a great library we have! The main library is located downtown and has free parking. An enormous Romanesque building recently built, the library offers quiet spaces to read, archives to explore, puppet shows and reading. With an attached café, there is truly something for everyone.

Gardens of Babylon/The Farmer’s Market

Located adjacent to the Bicentennial Mall, the Nashville Farmer’s Market is ever evolving. New restaurants have been popping up inside including JamaicaWay and Arnold Mynit’s new venture. There are always produce stands and at the tip of the market is Garden’s of Babylon, the very best landscape and plant stand around.

Radnor Lake/Warner Park

I love to hike and these two parks have some fabulous hiking. I go to Warner when I bring my dog and Radnor when I don’t. Both places offer a pristine view of Nashville that you’ll want to re-visit every week.

University School of Nashville

A fantastic K-12 school located just across the street from Vanderbilt University.

City House

My family’s favorite restaurant. It is located in Germantown and serves Italian inspired dishes. They have thin crust pizza and roasted chicken both cooked in front of you in their wood fire oven. Their great ambiance will keep you coming back.


Located in Wedgewood-Houston, Bastion is quickly becoming a new Nashville favorite. Whether you meet for a drink at the “little bar” or splurge on a meal in the quaint, 24 seat restaurant, Bastion is a must visit.

Julia Martin Gallery

Owned and operated by local Nashville artist Julia Martin, JMG is a space for artists and collectors alike. JMG is located in the heard of Wedgewood-Houston and features work from local and regional artists.

Zeitgeist Gallery

Zeitgeist Gallery is located in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, and provides a venue for world-class exhibits.

David Lusk Gallery

David Lusk Gallery is located in the Wedgewood-Houston arts district and represents some of the finest artists in the Southeast!

Liberation Yoga

Liberation Yoga is nestled in the middle of Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood, and is one of my favorite places to practice!

Imogene and Willie

Carrie and Matt Eddmensen began this fantastic shop a few years ago and it has quickly become mainstay in the 12South neighborhood. Manufacturing men’s and women’s beautiful clothes, their creations are timeless.