• Nashville’s Impact

    Nashville continues to impress the rest of the country with the sales numbers and construction starts. (see attached Bloomberg Article) All this has led to a rush of new restaurants, shops and vibrant home sales. New residents are descending upon our fair city from California, New York, Ohio and beyond. New restaurants are pushing the boundaires of interesting interiors and culinary experimentation. Some of the new eateries to check out include:
    Pinewood Social- An incredible vast space in the old Nashville trolley barns, Pinewood is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A gathering space with a coffee bar, a small but great bowling lanes and coming soon, a pool!
    Epice- Located on 12South this Lebanese inspired restaurant is fresh, clean and unique
    Josephine-Also on 12South, Josephine is an American bistro with a great bar and wonderful interior. Owned by seasoned restauranteur Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, owner of Burger Up, Josephine is a refreshing “step up” in the culinary world from what exists on 12South.
    Coming Soon!!
    -Cordelle Event Space in Rutledge Hill for wedding and events, this will be the go-to event space for Nashville
    -City Winery at 609 Lafayette Street, just like in NYC!